Privacy policy

What data do we store and why?

APB’s normal business is to carry out Public Relations services for our clients, which are generally record companies, music artists, concert promoters and other entertainment organisations with the desire to publicise their activities via the media and social media.

We maintain a database of client contacts, media organisations, journalists and freelance writers who engage in the writing of print and online articles, the broadcast of radio or TV programmes or social media posts about the kinds of clients and events we represent. We keep a record of contact information including names, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers and the organisation(s) / publication(s) they work for.

This information is used to send out press releases and news stories about our clients, tour information to media in locations where gigs are taking place, as well as to send specific information about guestlist, interview arrangements and other day-to-day administration around the work we do.

We confine our use of personal data to those who have actively sought to engage with us and those who we reasonably expect to find a contact from us useful in the course of their own business activities.

Sharing of data

We do not and will never sell or share any data for marketing purposes.

We will share combinations of names, phone numbers and email addresses with third parties as follows:

  • To send out concert tickets, arrange guestlist and photopass lists at venues and events, via clients, artist management, tour managers and concert promoters.
  • To enable the sending of music before release by electronic means for review or listening purposes, by uploading to online platforms approved by our clients, either directly or via our clients. Examples include Studio CDN, Play MPE or Promo Jukebox.

How we store data

  • On password or biometric-protected hard-drives, computers and portable devices.
  • In password-protected files on those devices.
  • In password-protected files on Google services.


We operate a proprietary platform,, which gives media contacts the means to download photos and press information on the music artists we represent, as well as making and tracking requests for access to live events. The site is available to members only.

New media contacts request an account or can be invited by ourselves to join. Contact information is not displayed to other members and is not available to third parties. On a monthly basis, we will delete the account of any member who hasn’t accessed the site for 12 months and remove all of their data from the database, with an invitation to rejoin if they wish.

Basis for data processing / storage by APB

Our job is to identify and engage with members of the media who are likely to have an interest in our clients' activities and products and to assist them in creating content which is of interest and use to their audiences.

Our contacts come from calls inwards – enquiries to us from members of the media, often via the ‘contact’ page of our website - as well as from us using publicly available information on media organisations websites to get in touch with relevant writers and editors. Many of our contacts have been regular collaborators for a number of years, with whom we have established an on-going professional relationship.

As such, we have a Legitimate Interest in processing and storing a limited amount of personal data for the purposes of carrying out our business. The Information Commissioners Office suggests three tests for Legitimate Interest in regards to GDPR compliance:

  1. Purpose test: are you pursuing a legitimate interest?
  2. Necessity test: is the processing necessary for that purpose?
  3. Balancing test: do the individual’s interests override the legitimate interest?

In our assessment of our responsibilities under GDPR, we are confident that we meet these three tests, and other guidance on the Legitimate Interest basis, as well as having consent from regular contacts and via, for the use of data in carrying out our business activities.

More information on Legitimate Interest here.

To find out what data we hold on you, to update it or to ask us to remove your information, please email