New 'Press Pack' Feature and Email Bug Fix


We've added a great new time-saving feature to Starfile this week. You can now download a Press Pack for many of the artists and events on the site, containing the latest pictures and press releases in one convenient Zip file. You'll see the 'Download Press Pack' button on Artist, content and gig pages where the PR has created it. Click the button, fill in the info form, hit 'download' and Robert's your father's brother - everything you need for your feature straight to your own computer. You can see what it contains in the new Press Pack box on the Artist pages.

Check out Nina Nesbitt's page for an example -

We've also fixed a bug that meant you weren't getting emails to notify you when a PR responded to a gig request. You should now get an immediate email with the details of a response, and the latest response will appear in your Requests Tab. If you're not getting off-site emails, please add to your address book.

Thanks for using Starfile and as always, your feedback is much appreciated.


APB uses Starfile to keep our press contacts up to date with all our artists' news, gigs and more. Download photos and press releases, make and track review ticket, photopass and interview requests any time by creating an account. It's quick, easy and personalised to you.