Paul McCartney, Noel Gallagher and friends pay tribute to Weller in new video doc - watch now!


To celebrate the release of Paul Weller’s new compilation More Modern Classics – featuring tracks from the last 15 years of Paul’s solo career - a special 10 minute film has been made. The film features some of Paul's peers and fellow artists discussing their favourite Weller anecdotes from, of course, the past 15 years.

“He's adapted into other ways of playing and other ways of getting his music across” PAUL McCARTNEY

“I've seen a kid come up to him once and say, at a pub outside ours, I really like that shirt and he just took it off and gave it him and then sat in the pub topless, yep, then sat in the pub topless for the rest of the day”. NOEL GALLAGHER


Paul McCartney chats about the time they first met and recorded together in 1995 for the the Warchild charity single – a cover of the Beatles “Come Together”. Macca also likens Paul’s career to his with The Beatles & Wings: “Like me, he's looked for other ways to do his music.”.

Listen to faithful old chum Noel Gallagher reminiscing about trying (and failing) to write songs together. Noel talks about their 20 year friendship and originally being a bit starstruck in the beginning: “Once you've had to throw someone out of your house a couple of times at 7 in the morning, and you know, nearly got in fights with them, that kind of thing ceases to exist anymore and it's like, you know, you're kind of his mate”.

This funny and informative film also features contributions from young upstart Miles Kane and Paul’s long time collaborator and guitarist Steve Cradock from Ocean Colour Scene.

More Modern Classics is the perfect way to discover what Paul Weller has been up to for the last 15 years and would undoubtedly make the perfect father’s day present for any discerning music fan

More Modern Classics is a fitting title: a high quality stylish collection featuring tracks taken from Paul’s albums of the last 15 years of his solo career. These 15 years have seen a constant artistic high, with each subsequent album release being heralded as ‘his best yet’.

‘More Modern Classics’ is the long awaited follow up to 1998’s “Modern Classics” which showcased the first part of Paul Weller’s highly successful solo career. This album confirms Weller’s status as the most resilient survivor from punk’s class of 76 and outclassing and outperforming many of his earlier and later years’ contemporaries. It showcases his continuing progression as an artist, never afraid to take chances, move forward and buck trends – always staying fresh and transcending the zeitgeist. More Modern Classics continues to serve as a reminder of his wide range and gift for melody and song writing.

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