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“Every now and then, some time away can give you the perspective you need to remind you what’s important. I made this song for the pure... read »

When you hear a Lewis Capaldi song, it takes no time at all to realise what kind of proposition you’re dealing with. Only now is he... read »

Nina Nesbitt has released her new single ‘The Best You Had’, the follow-up to ‘The Moments I’m Missing’ which has surpassed 2 million... read »

It’s been 30 years since The Christians’ heart-stopping blend of divine harmonies and glorious melodies (with an undertow of anger)... read »

Scottish singer / songwriter Lewis Capaldi is having a run of amazing news at the moment. With streams of his first releases Bruises and... read »

Emeli Sandé
Lewis Capaldi
Nina Nesbitt
The Christians
Lewis Capaldi

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release date artist release format
15.09.17 Benjamin Clementine I Tell A Fly Album
20.09.17 Emeli Sandé Starlight Single
06.10.17 Sings and Strings Album
03.11.17 Emeli Sandé Kingdom Coming EP Album

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